3 Ways You Can Sell Your House Without A Real Estate Agent in Detroit

house in detroit michigan with words overlaying that states sell your house fast - pay no fees or commissionsWould you like to sell your house without a real estate agent in Detroit? By eliminating the middle man, some homeowners are able to save a considerable amount of time and money. In this post, we offer Detroit homeowners 3 ways to sell a house without having to pay real estate agent fees or commissions. 

Choosing to work with a real estate agent in Detroit works great for many properties and not so great for others. Some sellers have to avoid the MLS, listing agreements, and working with real estate agents in Detroit. Before you decide how you want to sell your house, take some time to learn more about the many ways you can sell your house in Detroit without a real estate agent! As always, if you have any questions about selling your house in Detroit, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!

Sell Your House Via An FSBO Listing

Some homeowners will choose to sell their home by themselves in Detroit without a real estate agent. While you will save money on commissions by selling this way, you will also have to spend money marketing the property, cleaning it, and showing the property… and that isn’t even including your time that you will use to do these things. It is crucial that you have a good grasp on the costs, before making such a large commitment. There is a reason why people turn to a professional and licensed Detroit real estate agent when attempting to sell their homes… it’s a lot of work!

When you list For Sale By Owner, or FSBO, this can require a good amount of time, money, and effort from the homeowner. Between screening the phone calls, answering questions from potential buyers, handling all of the paperwork, and keeping the house in great condition, you may find that an FSBO listing is more work than you wanted. An FSBO listing is generally only advised for folks who have experience in the real estate industry. Without the proper negotiation skills, market information, and legal knowledge, you can find yourself facing fines and time-consuming closing processes that an agent or direct buyer would have been able to help you avoid.

Sell Your House To A Professional Buyer

If you are looking for a fast and fair way to sell your house in Detroit, working with a professional buyer might be your top choice! When you sell your Detroit house to Amaze Properties LLC, you won’t have to spend your time or money making any repairs to your property before selling it. You never have to pay any commissions or fees to factor into the sale price. And more importantly, you will be able to sell and close according to your schedule. You will not have to keep waiting while a buyer is found, we are the buyer!

Keep in mind that not all home buyers are created equal. While some are simply looking to score the best deal, there are companies out there such as Amaze Properties LLC that are dedicated to helping Detroit homeowners find the best solution for their unique situation. We will sit down with you after taking a good look at the house, review your property with you, and the numbers for each method of selling.  More importantly, we get to know you and your situation so we can tailor a solution that fits your needs exactly. We will help you learn more about exactly what to expect, all without any hassle, or obligation to work together. We care about the Detroit community and want to help local homeowners find the best solutions when selling their unwanted properties!

Sell Your House Via Rent To Own

On option that is rarely considered by home-sellers is to sell the house via a rent-to-own agreement. Selling your house this way requires you to offer someone financing for a set period of time, which can come with big rewards and perks for you as the home seller. When you sell your house via a rent-to-own agreement in Detroit, you first will collect a deposit upfront and then collect usually a higher than average monthly rent payment. In some agreements, a portion of the monthly payment will be applied as a down-payment on the purchase of the home. All of these terms can vary and will be outlined in your contract. Keep in mind, that if your renter/buyer defaults on the agreement, you will get back the ownership of the property plus keep all of the money that has already been paid by the individual to you.

In many situations, it can be very beneficial to sell your house without a real estate agent in Detroit. If you want to avoid foreclosure, avoid making repairs, or even avoid the many house showings that comes with selling your house without a real estate agent, a direct sale to Amaze Properties LLC will help. You will be able to save time, money, and speedily move on to a new home that makes more sense for your situation. If you have any questions at all about how to sell a house in Detroit and the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! We have all of the information you need to make selling a house quick, easy, and hassle-free!

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