Why More People Are Choosing To Sell Their Homes Directly in Detroit During COVID-19

What does it mean when people decide to sell their homes directly to a buyer in Detroit? Well in this article, we will explore this and it is especially important during the current environment. Real estate has not been unaffected by the global pandemic, adjustments have had to be made which have complicated the process. When emotions are already running at an all-time high among the population and relationships are being strained, the additional requirements in the traditional process of real estate sales can be extremely overwhelming. We will explore why more people are choosing to sell their homes directly in Detroit during Covid-19.

And even after the risk of Covid-19 has been reduced, you may still be wondering about which is the better option, a direct sale vs. hiring an agent when selling your house in Detroit. Life events can change your housing situation, at times despite your wishes. The time required until closing with each option is just as much of a consideration as the effect each has on your finances.  Because of the convenience, more and more folks are choosing to sell their homes directly in Detroit.

infographic of the reasons to sell your house direct to buyer during COVID-19

Time is of the Essence

Because direct buyers like Amaze Properties LLC  typically close faster than traditional home buyers, more people are choosing to sell their homes directly in Detroit during Covid-19. No matter if a property is listed with an agent or by the owner, traditional home purchases usually require qualifications from banks, mortgage underwriting time, property inspection time and the buyer may not end up qualifying in the end. All of these steps gobble up precious time and in the end, a traditional listing carries no guarantee of when, or if, your house will ever sell. The time to sell is now, as more and more people are moving towards purchasing their own homes during the pandemic. If your need to sell is due to a relocation for work or personal reasons, unless you sell quickly, you will likely be carrying the financial burden for two homes. In addition to the stress and expenses of holding two properties, you will either be required to do a great deal of traveling or hire a caretaker for the property you have listed.

With a traditional listing, delays can occur…

…and due to the nature of traditional listings, there is no ETA on the closing when selling your house in Detroit through a real estate agent. Additionally, depending on the buyer’s circumstances, there may be delays in the actual closing date. 

An upside of selecting a direct sale for your property is that you will sell your house in Detroit within a short timeframe and there will not be delays in closing due to failed inspections or financing issues. 

Showings Can Be Difficult

For many people, just the thought of dealing with the hassles of showing their property when it is listed on the market is extremely stressful and can truly be a nightmare. This reason alone is why more people are choosing to sell their homes directly in Detroit during Covid-19. By selling directly to a company like Amaze Properties LLC, you can eliminate all of the frustrating phone calls asking if your house is available right now to show your home. When you sell directly to Amaze Properties LLC, you will not have the worry of leaving your home spotless every day before heading to work, just in case there is a showing while you are not home. There is also no chance of the discomfort of possibly running into a buyer’s agent or their clients or dealing with rude buyers asking you questions directly. When you work with us here at Amaze Properties LLC there will be no more buyers arguing with you over which furniture you are taking and what you are leaving.

Even after the risk of Covid-19 subsides…

…you will want to ask yourself if you are willing to make yourself and anyone else in your household invisible, while keeping your home spotless at all times? Despite how much you may wish to sell your house in Detroit, nobody enjoys the hassle of jumping into action and preparing for a showing after a long day at work. Likewise, if your buyer falls in love with your furnishings, they may consider one or several of your beloved possessions as deal-breakers. Along with the agent selling your house, you will need to deal with buyers’ agents, who will be the ones showing the home. It is very likely that they will call to schedule the appointment during your very important family time. 

If avoiding this inconvenience altogether is important to you, you may be happier with a direct sale, you will not have to keep constantly on top of your home’s appearance or worry about staging. There will also be no need to worry about storing anything you do not want a buyer to catch sight of and decide they would like “tossed into the deal.”

People in Your House

One thing we have learned during the pandemic is that it is risky to have multiple strangers from different households, possibly different cities or states coming into your home wandering about. If you aren’t working with a real estate agent that has grown accustomed to the new steps for self-protection, you will have to educate yourself on all of the necessary steps to protect yourself and be certain you have strict management of visitors in your home. This risk is why more people are choosing to sell their homes directly in Detroit during Covid-19.

No Repairs Needed

woman making repairs before selling her house

Professional home buyers like Amaze Properties LLC in Detroit usually do not require inspections which makes it a truly as-is transaction. As a seller, this means you do not have to worry about repairs before closing or any other additional expenses you were not planning on. Professional home buyers like Amaze Properties LLC, already know the state of the property, and they are willing to take on that risk, in turn, this makes the process even quicker. At Amaze Properties LLC we work with you, laying out every step of the process and usually have shortened, very clear contracts that are simple as-is purchase agreements. This is another reason that more people are choosing to sell their homes directly in Detroit during Covid-19.

If you decide that you would like to list with an agent…

…updates to make your home more attractive on the outside and inside add to the expenses of selling your house in Detroit with a real estate agent. You will probably want to be on top of any necessary repairs. If you actually do not end up passing the inspection which is usually ordered, you could be required to spend even more on repairs in order for the property to qualify for the mortgage loan. And let’s not forget, you need to concern yourself with exterior curb appeal and may be advised to cover the additional expenses of staging your interior. You may even be required to cover the costs for professional photography and advertising the property.

When working with a professional buyer, none of the concerns or costs associated with curb appeal or updates will be an issue. Major or minor repairs can be forgotten and worrying in general about your home’s appearance will fly out the window when you sell your house in Detroit  through a direct sale. 

Legal Risks

By working with Amaze Properties LLC, you will also have lessened exposure to any legal risks. You will not be forced to worry about the buyer finding something you simply did not know about, and therefore was not able to disclose or suddenly discover something they just did not like about the home or the neighborhood. Under most traditional real estate contracts, there is a potential for the buyer to sue you if they feel they did not get all of the information, or if they feel the facts were misconstrued. This is a big reason more people are choosing to sell their homes directly in Detroit during Covid-19. 

Professional Expenses

Real estate agents charge commissions as well as other charges. Buyers’ agents nearly always order inspections. Inspectors are their fee is usually your responsibility as the seller. Appraisers and those handling closings charge fees as well, all adding to the cost to sell your house in Detroit. 

Making a direct sale commonly means that there are no commissions and no inspections, repairs, or even the initial investments involved in updates and making the overall appearance of the property appealing.

While there’s no way to cover all of the reasons selling directly may be one of the best precautions you can take to protect yourself and your family here, at Amaze Properties LLC, we completely understand your concerns. At Amaze Properties LLC, we will stop and take the time to listen and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have, even if it is to learn more about a direct sale vs. hiring an agent when selling your house in Detroit. Please send us a message or call Amaze Properties LLC today at (586) 991-3363. 

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